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Graphic Design
& Illustration

Studio Bodin is a freelance design studio, founded in Belgium. We are glad to help you with your creative process. 
Let's bring your vision to life.

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Commercial Illustration

We help you to transmit information to your target group. Via creative illustrations we captivate the attention of your (possible) clients.

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Marketing & Communication

We create flyers, brochures, posters, signing, invitations, social media content and much more. 

A great marketing starts with a well thought of strategy and with visual appealing designs.

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Creative Illustration

Studio Bodin creates 2D illustrations for animations, as well as children's illustrations, visuals for books, magazines, websites, etc.

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Web and App Design

Nowadays every company has a website and/or an application. We make designs that keep visual flow, color theory, proportions, layout, typography, imagery and user psychology top-of-mind.

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Branding & Stationery Designs

We help you to establish a professional and dependable branding for your company. We're always thinking about how to make a brand stand out from what's out there already.

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Editorial Design

The goal of editorial design is to make publications attractive, visually interesting, and easy to read. We design your magazines, online brochures or Ebooks, annual & internal reports,...

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Whether you need to explain a process, show off data, or tell a story, infographics are the perfect tool for the job.

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Looking for a great T-shirt design? Or a mesmerising packaging? We always try to think outside the box.

Kobe Leduc / Founder & Roaster / Gayo Coffee (Belgium)

"In a short period of time Elien represented a strong designer force that was able to capture our sustainable values and brand identity well. She is talented and always proactively thinks along about how we can position ourselves better visually."
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